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Shaiya Generator

Shaiya Generator

About Shaiya Generator

We have released this Hack to help normals players to be as good as donators players. We think it is a bit unfair how many players that are very good at this game can do little to nothing on some servers because most of them makes a huge diference between a donator player and a normal player because of staff donators can get. This is 100% safe and no anti-hacking system can detected. We have tested it on many servers.
 We have worked hard on this hack and we hope to make everybody equal on shaiya world. 

Shaiya Generator Featured

  • Add HP
  • Add Mana
  • Add SP
  • Add Money
  • Add AP
  • Add Status Points



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How to use  Shaiya Generator

1. Open Shaya and Login with your account
2. Open Shaiya Generator.exe
3. Check the items you want and chose a value for them
4. Click Generate and login again in your account


  1. Mihai Andrei said...:

    wow.. this hack actually works, thx so much

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